A bold design statement


Bronwyn, an interior designer, and husband Bruce Turton, a builder, created a home with intricate attention to detail and innovation.

Bruce looked to the Vantage Residential range for the mix of sliding doors, large fixed windows, and louvre windows for ventilation.

“I didn’t want a mix of window types,” he said.

“A consistent look was important from an aesthetic viewpoint.”

The home features a spectacular double height entranceway, which uses Vantage shop front style windows (normally used in commercial buildings) for an all glass look. This sets the tone for expansive spaces and wide, roomy corridors.

“It’s a big home so we didn’t want pokey hallways. The result was a home that, from a space and volume point of view, feels very comfortable,” Bruce said.

Vantage duo-slider doors help with the sense of expanse adjacent to the dining and portico area, with clear vision open or closed.

Bruce said the planning and execution of fine detailing work was an added aspect of the job he enjoyed, testing out some creative innovations.

Windows and doors were installed in a negative detail surround set off with a plaster finish, where architraves would be expected in a traditional design. The Turtons sourced matching aluminium box sections and angles as cosmetic borders.

Continuing with their desire for simplicity, Bruce rebated the floors so sliding doors could sit lower to further enhance movement between inside and out.

Architect Bruce & Bronwyn Turton
Region Waikato

"A consistent look was important"

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