This home’s vision was realised with products from the APL Architectural Series.


Light and reflection fills the family’s three storey home, which makes stunning use of both black FrostUltra anodised joinery and bespoke windows where aluminium is cleverly hidden.

The home is designed with a street frontage of pre-cast rough shuttered concrete fins to screen the windows. It has an artful shuffling of interior floor levels, passages and geometrical spaces. Care was taken to ensure the architectural fins were manufactured with notches to effectively hide the window jambs.

In the lounge, corner posts were substituted with innovative double glazed posts. Glass louvres were widely used throughout the house for ventilation, with special adaptations made to square off the frames.

Designed by architect Daniel Marshall, the APL Architectural Series met the challenge of providing solutions for this home to enhance its light, function and form.

Region Auckland Central

Light and reflection fill the family home

Key products featured in this home
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