Oliver Driver falls in love with Vantage Windows and Doors

Oliver Driver, wife Ella Mizrahi and their two children embarked on a project to build their first home on a riverside section on the Te Atatu Peninsula. The family wanted a relaxed home that connected with the river and found large Vantage windows and doors throughout the home hit the mark.  

In fact, once the family settled in, Oliver fell in love with his new windows and doors and wanted to show them off. Oliver and Ella invited friends of Vantage - Hamish Bond, the Cycling Elite Sprint Trio (Sam Webster, Eddie Dawkins and Ethan Mitchell), Emma Gilmour, and the Vantage Black Sticks to celebrate the form and function of their new windows and doors. Follow their journey below.

You may have seen parts of their build project in the Your Home & Garden series ‘My New Home’.

Oliver and Vantage

Part 1: We need to have a party – for the doors

Part 2: Oliver’s friends meet Al

Part 3: Love is diverted

Part 4: Left in the dark


When Oliver and Ella bought their section it was a leap into the unknown with costs and decisions arising that they never anticipated but they spent hours working through the fine details and imagining each space and how they'd use them. It was clear that they wanted their home to feel open and relaxed. Just as importantly they wanted a home that will fit them for many years to come. Oliver and Ella used a number of solutions from Vantage to make this a reality.

Metro Series sliding doors are used in the main living area, the master bedroom and Etta’s bedroom to take advantage of the home’s view. The largest is the 7.6m-wide living area doors which connect to the deck. A large sliding window in the dining area floods the living spaces with light throughout the day. Oliver and Ella added opening windows above the bedroom sliding doors to allow ventilation and give the appearance of taller doors.

The Metro Series doors achieve the desired 2.4m height so Oliver doesn't have to duck through doorways in his own home for the first time. They also have a clean, flat surface for a contemporary look. To continue the modern look the family finished the joinery in Matt Black powdercoat, with colour matched Urbo hardware.

A large plasma entrance door greets visitors and the Mannex Karaka colour hints to the mangrove view behind the door. The digital lock from Assa Abloy allows easy keyless entry.

Now, three years on from buying the site, the family are settled in and are happy they took their time planning their new home.

Region Auckland Central

Oliver and Ella built a home that suits them now and will grow with their family

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