Our comprehensive product ranges complement any project

Residential Series

Versatile mainstream range at an economical price

Metro Series

Premier contemporary range for use in demanding environments

APL Architectural Series

High performance range with large formats and architecturally styled homes in mind

All window types and ample configurations are available to ensure you achieve the best design and function. 

Explore the Vantage window range to learn more about our window's performance and features.

Awning & Casement





All door types and ample configurations are available to ensure you achieve the best design and function. 

Explore the Vantage door range to learn more about our door's performance and features.



Hinged & French

Performance Enhancements


A nylon barrier is stitched into the core of the frame, minimising the transfer of hot and cold temperatures

Passive Ventilation

Vantage has a range of unobtrusive ventilation systems that introduce fresh air into your home to make your home healthier and more comfortable

Entrance Doors

Latitude | Mannex Appliance White

Plasma | Intensity Flame

Axis | Woodgrain Dark Cedar

Seven entrance door ranges to explore

Each entrance door range can be customised to suit your home. Personalise with hardware, plank orientation, glass insets and colour; the options are extensive.


Explore our four hardware ranges to find the option that best suits your needs.



Colour is integral to the look and feel of your home. Vantage has a wide selection of durable, up-to-date colour and surface finishes to choose from.

Explore colours

Our speciality products

Explore our innovative window system ranges


An innovative and thermally efficient range of uPVC windows and doors that suit New Zealand's conditions

The AGP System®

The AGP System® is a high-performance double-glazed unit which incorporates argon gas and a Low-E coating to reduce the amount of heat that passes through the glass, improving the thermal efficiency of a home.

Care & maintenance

It is important to follow our care and maintenance tips not only to keep your joinery and hardware looking its best but also to ensure its longevity. Regular upkeep is also required to ensure the validity of your warranty


Our windows and doors comply with the New Zealand building code. This means our windows and doors have been designed and successfully tested to perform in New Zealand's most diverse conditions