Awning & Casement windows are a classic option with great versatility.

  • Awning windows can be partly opened in the rain
  • Can be used in conjunction with other formats and fixed windows
  • Customisable to any width and height
  • Options available to incorporate passive ventilation.

Popular Awning & Casement window configurations:


Sliding windows let in plenty of light and air without intruding on space.

  • Ideal for large spans and servery windows
  • Large glass panels and narrow interlocking frames maximise the view
  • Available in bi-parting or stacking configurations
  • The sliding panel/s can be internal or external depending on the range.

Popular Sliding window configurations:


Bi-fold windows fold open to create an uninterrupted opening for great airflow and views.

  • Moving panels glide easily
  • Suitable for large openings 
  • A layback option allows panels to fold back against adjoining walls.

Popular Bi-fold window configurations:


A wide range of shapes, sizes and configurations can be developed to suit your home.

  • Curved tops, angular windows and louvres are all possible
  • Greenhouse, box and bay windows can be created to provide extra space and light.

Roof windows are a great way to increase the amount of light and ventilation in your home. Options are available in a range of sizes as well as partial opening with some rain protection. 

  • Include a thermal break to reduce condensation and retain interior heat
  • Available in dual colours to match the interior and roof colours
  • Manual or electric opening options 
  • Fixed option also available.

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