A Whitianga home was built specifically for what the future might hold



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Forward Thinking

Fiona Hawtin, editor of Your Home & Garden speaks with Julian about his light-filled future-proof home. 


No one knows the future, but that’s not stopping Julian Waters from planning for it. He wants to enjoy his striking, modern Whitianga home for as long as possible, delighting in the indoor-outdoor living going from the pool and his bedroom with ease.

After coming to the coastal community for more than 20 years to enjoy the plentiful fishing and scenic diving, Julian purchased a place to further relish the lifestyle. After a few more years, the old Lockwood home he’d bought was demolished in favour of a new build on the large plot of land, which is only a short walk to the township and the beach.

The new house is geared towards the coming years, whatever they may bring. From the raised ground to safeguard against flooding risks to the water tank in the garden and the lift inside, the result is a spacious, light-filled home meant for longevity and ease of living.

“This will be my home hopefully for the rest of my life,” says Julian. “So, it had to have everything I wanted and be pretty much perfect.” Those perfect touches include a games room, a spa and large Vantage stacking sliding doors onto two large decks, all perfect for dining and entertaining the out-of-towners who flock to Julian’s front door.

It was architect Diana Blake’s idea to install floor-to-ceiling picture windows to bring as much of the outside in as possible. “It gives you a great view of the surrounding area, particularly with being such a high house, it opens the whole house up and gives you views wherever you walk around,” says Julian. The ensuite even has glass louvres to encourage air flow through the space, helping to cool the house down in the heat of the coastal summers.

“I like space and clean lines. I like light and natural ventilation,” Julian explains, although he’s always up for a cooling dip in the pool as a just-in-case. The day is young, after all, and the future is just starting.

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Large picture windows in the double-height entrance create a spacious, light-filled home and capture views

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